NSYPLS2727AL picture- scope
PLS box, polyester rear, transparent PC cover IP65 27x27x23cm by batches 56u
Schneider Electric
Range Thalassa
Product name Thalassa PLS
Device short name PLS
Enclosure type Multi-purpose
Category Insulating modular box
Nominal height 270 mm
Nominal width 270 mm
Nominal depth 230 mm
Enclosure mounting Wall mounted
Device composition 1 cover: on enclosure
1 rear part: on enclosure
Locking screws
Supply Set of 56
Body type One piece moulded
Type of front cover High transparent cover
Lock type Slot screw
Removable parts Cover locking screw
Material Cover: polycarbonate
Rear: polyester reinforced with fibreglass
Colour Body: grey (RAL 7032)
Standards NEMA classification 13
IEC 62208
Product certifications UL
Electrical insulation class Class II
IP degree of protection IP65 conforming to IEC 60529
IK degree of protection IK09 conforming to IEC 62262
Fire resistance 960 °C conforming to IEC 62208
Ambient air temperature for storage -30…120 °C
Packing Units
Package 1 Weight 114.520 kg
Package 1 Height 250.000 mm
Package 1 width 290.000 mm
Package 1 Length 290.000 mm
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months