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variable speed drive ATV212 - 1.5kW - 2hp - 480V - 3ph - EMC - IP21
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Mounting and Clearance
Mounting Recommendations

Depending on the conditions in which the drive is to be used, its installation will require certain precautions and the use of appropriate accessories.

Install the unit vertically:

  • Do not place it close to heating elements.

  • Leave sufficient free space to ensure that the air required for cooling purposes can circulate from bottom to the top of the unit.

Mounting Types

Type A mounting

Type B mounting

Type C mounting

By removing the protective blanking cover from the top of the drive, the degree of protection for the drive becomes IP21. The protective blanking cover may vary according to the drive model, see opposite.

Specific Recommendations for Mounting in an Enclosure

To help ensure proper air circulation in the drive:

  • Fit ventilation grilles.

  • Check that there is sufficient ventilation. If there is not, install a forced ventilation unit with a filter. The openings and/or fans must provide a flow rate at least equal to that of the drive fans (refer to the product characteristics).

  • Use special filters with UL Type 12/IP54 protection.

  • Remove the blanking cover from the top of the drive.

Sealed Metal Enclosure (IP54 Degree of Protection)

The drive must be mounted in a dust and damp proof enclosure in certain environmental conditions, such as dust, corrosive gases, high humidity with risk of condensation and dripping water, splashing liquid, etc.This enables the drive to be used in an enclosure where the maximum internal temperature reaches 50°C.