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XPSMCMCP0802 foto- rexel-netherland
Preventa Safety - Controller - 8 + 2 I / 2 + 4 + 2 O - Schroefklemmen
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Catalogue Safety switches XCS range English 02/2020 English   2020-07-31  summary
Catalogue Safety switches XCS range English 02/2020

XCSM miniature safety limit switches.XCSP and XCSD compact safety limit switches. XCSPL, XCSPR and XCSTR lever or spindle-operated safety switches. XCSA, XCSB, XCSC, XCSMP, XCSPA and XCSTA slim safety switches. XCSLE and XCSLF slim safety interlock switches. XCSE and XCSTE rectangular safety interlock switches. XCSR contactless RFID safety switches. XCSDMC, XCSDMP and XCSDMR coded magnetic safety switches.
Modular safety controllers Preventa XPSMCM English   2020-07-31       
Software - Beschikbaar
SoSafe Configurable English   2020-07-31  summary
SoSafe Configurable

SoSafe Configurable installation package
SoSafe Configurable English   2020-07-31  summary
SoSafe Configurable

SoSafe Configurable setup package
RCM Document XPSMCM 7.15 SILENT   2020-07-31       
TUEV SUED Functional Safety Certificate XPSMCM series English   2020-07-31       
RoHS-verklaring China
XPSMCMCP0802 : XPSMCMCP0802_ROHS_CHINA_DECLARATION Dutch   2020-08-12  summary

CAD file (on TraceParts) for XPSMCMCP0802: Controller with 8 inputs 2 outputs monitors expansion modules with screw term SILENT   2020-07-31       
EU-verklaring RoHS
XPSMCMCP0802 : XPSMCMCP0802_ROHS_DECLARATION Dutch   2020-08-12  summary

XPSMCM Preventa Modular Safety Controller DoC SILENT   2020-07-31       
Modular Safety Controller, User Guide English   2020-07-31  summary
Modular Safety Controller, User Guide

This user manual describes how to use the XPSMCM• Modular Safety Controller system. The XPSMCM• Modular Safety Controller system consists of a controller unit XPSMCMCP0802•, which can be configured using the SoSafe Configurable software. Expansion input and output modules can be connected to the XPSMCMCP0802• Modular Safety Controller.
Informatie over einde levensduur
XPSMCM... Modular Safety Controller,Product End-of-Life Instructions English   2020-07-31       
Milieuprofiel van het product
XPSMCM... Modular Safety Controller, Product Environmental Profile English   2020-07-31