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naponski transformator – 230 V– 1 x 24 V – 160 VA
Range of product Phaseo Economic
Product or component type Safety and isolation transformer
Rated power in VA 160 VA
Input voltage 230 V AC phase to phase L1-L2
230 V AC single phase N-L1
Output voltage 24 V AC
Secondary winding Single
Protective cover Without
Ambient air temperature for operation -20…40 °C
Input voltage limits 207...253 V
Network frequency limits 47…63 Hz
Input voltage tolerance +/- 15 V
Efficiency 87 %
Power dissipation in W 23,9 W
Voltage variation at nominal load 6.12 % 230 V
Output sustained overvoltage 0,075 no load, hot state)
Maximum voltage drop at rated load 7,42 %
No load losses 9,6 W
Short-circuit voltage 9 %
Output protection type Against overload external
Against overvoltage external
Against short-circuits external
Connections - terminals Input connection screw type terminals 4 x 2.5...4 x 4 mm² AWG 14...AWG 11
Input ground connection screw type terminals 1 x 2.5...1 x 4 mm² AWG 14...AWG 11
Output connection screw type terminals 2 x 2.5...2 x 4 mm² AWG 14...AWG 11
Marking CE
Fixing mode By 4 screws 5 mm vertical panel vertical
By 4 screws 5 mm horizontal panel with derating to 90 % horizontal
By clips (with mounting plate) 35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
By 4 screws 5 mm vertical panel
Operating altitude 3000 m
Electrical insulation class Class B
Maksimalna širina 97 mm
Maksimalna visina 104 mm
Maksimalna dubina 92 mm
Neto težina 2,72 kg
Product certifications EAC
IP degree of protection IP20
Environmental characteristic EMC EN 62041
Safety EN 61558-1
Safety EN 61558-2-6
Ambient air temperature for storage -40…80 °C
Relative humidity 0…95 % during operation
Overvoltage category Class I VDE 0106-1
Dielectric strength 3200 V between input and ground
3200 V between output and ground
5100 V between input and output
Broj pakirnih jedinica
Vrsta pakirne jedinice Paketa 1 PCE
Broj pakirnih jedinica u Paketu 1 1
Paket 1 Težina 3,04 kg
Paket 1 Visina 14,8 cm
Paket 1 Širina 18,5 cm
Paket 1 Duljina 25,5 cm
Vrsta pakirne jedinice Paketa 2 P06
Broj pakirnih jedinica u Paketu 2 22
Paket 2 Težina 79,88 kg
Paket 2 Visina 80 cm
Paket 2 Širina 80 cm
Paket 2 Duljina 60 cm
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Contractual warranty
Jamstvo 18 months