Schneider-Electric India DurgaBhai
34036 picture- durga-bhai
CT neutral or ground fault protection - for NS1600b..3200 / NW 25..40
Schneider Electric
Product or component type Neutral sensor
Device application Power supply
Range compatibility Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW08
Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW10
Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW12
Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW16
Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW20
Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW25
Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW32
Masterpact (MasterPact NW) MasterPact NW40
ComPact (ComPact NS1600b...3200)
Current transformer type Neutral + earth fault protection
[In] rated current 1000…4000 A
Accessory / separate part category Spare part for ComPact NS1600b...3200
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 29.8 cm
Package 1 Width 29.8 cm
Package 1 Length 39 cm
Package 1 Weight 11.1 kg
Unit Type of Package 2 PAL
Number of Units in Package 2 18
Package 2 Height 90 cm
Package 2 Width 85 cm
Package 2 Length 108 cm
Package 2 Weight 209 kg
Offer Sustainability
REACh Regulation
print REACh Declaration
EU RoHS Directive Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
print EU RoHS Declaration
Mercury free Yes
China RoHS Regulation
print China RoHS declaration
RoHS exemption information
print Yes
PVC free Yes
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months