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Altivar Drive Systems Enclosure standard/CTO/ETO
Schneider Electric
Range of product Altivar
Product or component type Variable speed drive
Product specific application Fan, pump, compressor, conveyor
Assembly style In floor-standing enclosure with separate air flows
Provided equipment Enclosure
IP degree of protection IP54
Supply frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 5 %
[Uc] control circuit voltage 6...250 V
Network number of phases 3 phases
Asynchronous motor control profile Vector control with sensor
Closed-loop control with encoder
Sensorless flux vector control
Voltage/frequency ratio (V/f)
Synchronous motor control profile Closed-loop control with encoder
Voltage/frequency ratio (V/f)
Display type LCD display for operation function, status and configuration
Output voltage 0...100 % power voltage
Nominal switching frequency 2.4...16 kHz
Speed drive output frequency 0.5…399 Hz closed-loop control with encoder
Overload withstand 1.2...1.6 In, 2...60 s
Continuous output current 116…2916 A (standard overload)
Efficiency 96 % (advanced)
Communication port protocol Human machine interface: Modbus with 2-wire RS485 - RJ45
Profibus with - SUB-D 9
DeviceNet with - SUB-D 9
Product destination Asynchronous motors
Electrical connection Bar entry from the bottom or from the top (L1/R, L2/S, L3/T)
Input type Rectifier bridge
Output type Transistor IGBT
Acceleration and deceleration ramps Linear from 0...3200 s
Protection type Drive: overcurrent
Drive: overvoltage
Drive: undervoltage
Drive: controller shutdown
Drive: cooling fan stop
Drive: overload
Drive: over temperature protection
Drive: communication failure
Drive: phase loss
Frequency resolution Output: 0.01 Hz
Supply External supply
Internal supply
Analogue input type Software-configurable current: 0...20 mA/4...20 mA 24 V max
Analogue output type Software-configurable voltage: 0...10 V DC
Software-configurable current: 0...20 mA/4...20 mA DC
Discrete output number 20
Isolation Electrical between power and control
Operating position Vertical +/- 10 degree
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months