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VW3A3E303 picture- Schneider-electric
Modbus ASCII communication card - 19200 bps
Product or component type Communication card
Range compatibility Altivar 61 Plus
Altivar 71 Plus
Communication port protocol Uni-Telway
Modbus RTU
Modbus ASCII
Connector type 9-way female SUB-D connector
Transmission rate 4800 bps
9600 bps
19200 bps
Type of polarization Two 4.7 kOhm polarization resistors
No polarization impedances
Physical interface 2-wire RS 485 for Modbus
4-wire RS485 for Modbus
2-wire RS 485 for Uni-Telway
Number of addresses 1…147 for Uni-Telway
1…247 for Modbus
Data format 7 bits, odd or even parity, 1 or 2 stop for Modbus ASCII
7 bits, odd or even parity, 1 or 2 stop for Modbus RTU
8 bits, no parity, 2 stop for Modbus RTU
8 bits, odd, even or no parity, 1 stop for Modbus RTU
8 bits, odd parity, 1 stop for Uni-Telway
Communication service CiA 402 profile for Modbus
Communication monitoring for Modbus
Diagnostics (08) for Modbus
I/O profile for Modbus
Mirror (FAh) for Uni-Telway
Protocol version (30h) for Uni-Telway
Read device identification (43) for Modbus
Read error counters (A2h) for Uni-Telway
Read holding registers (03) for Modbus
Read input registers (04) for Modbus
Read object (36h) for Uni-Telway
Read word (04h) for Uni-Telway
Read/write multiple registers (23) for Modbus
Reset counters (A4h) for Uni-Telway
Write multiple registers (16) for Modbus
Write object (37h) for Uni-Telway
Write single register (06) for Modbus
Write word (14h) for Uni-Telway
Identification of the card for Uni-Telway
Communication monitoring can be inhibited, fixed
Display type 1 LED for ERR (fault)
1 LED for RUN (status)
Graphic display terminal for control word received
Graphic display terminal for reference received
Net weight 0.3 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months