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VW3A3E316 picture- Schneider-electric
Ethernet/IP communication card - 10 Mbps
Schneider Electric
Product or component type Communication card
Range compatibility Altivar 61 Plus
Altivar 71 Plus
Communication port protocol Ethernet/IP
Connector type 2 RJ45 connectors
Transmission rate 100 Mbps
10 Mbps
Physical interface IEEE 802.3
Web services Ethernet statistics
Ethernet/IP scanner setup
Ethernet/IP setup
Drive recorder
Message statistics
Drive monitor
Drive parameters
Exchange mode Half duplex and full duplex
Communication data link MAC : IEEE 802.3
LLC : IEEE 802.2
Communication network type IP conforming to RFC791
Communication transport type UDP
TCP conforming to RFC793
Web server Embedded
Communication service CiA 402 profile
I/O profile
Allen-Bradley drive profile
CIP AC Drive (02) profile
CIP I/O data
Display type 1 LED for Link (Link Status)
1 LED for MS (Module Status)
1 LED for NS (Network Status)
1 LED for TX/RX (Transmit/Receive port 1)
1 LED for TX/RX (Transmit/Receive port 2)
Graphic display terminal for control word received
Graphic display terminal for number of frames received
Graphic display terminal for reference received
Net weight 0.3 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months