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VW3A3E501 picture- Schneider-electric
controller inside programmable card - 24 V DC - for Altivar Plus speed drive
Product or component type Controller inside programmable card
Range compatibility Altivar 61 Plus
Altivar 71 Plus
[Us] rated supply voltage 24 V
Supply circuit type DC
Analogue input number 2
Analogue input type AI51, AI52 current analog input: 0...20 mA, impedance: 250 Ohm, resolution: 10 bits
Analogue output number 2
Analogue output type AO51, AO52 current analog output: 0...20 mA, impedance: 500 Ohm, resolution: 10 bits
Discrete input number 10
Discrete input type (LI51...LI60) logic inputs, 24 V DC, compatible with level 1 PLC (voltage limits: <= 30 V), impedance: 4.4 kOhm
Discrete input logic Positive (LI51...LI60), <= 5 V (state 0), >= 11 V (state 1)
Discrete output number 6
Discrete output type (LO51...LO56) logic output, compatible with level 1 PLC
Discrete output logic (LO51...LO56) positive
Battery type Lithium
Application program desc Compiled program size : 320 kB maximum
Data size : 64 kwords maximum
Data saved size : 4 kwords
Data size accessible by Modbus : 2 kwords
Transmission rate 50 kbps, 125 kbps, 250 kbps, 500 kbps, 1 Mbps
Supply voltage limits 19…30 V
Current consumption 2 A maximum
200 mA maximum per logic output
80 mA no load
Discrete output voltage 24 V DC, maximum switching voltage: 30 V logic output
Maximum output current 0.2 A, logic output
Electrical connection Terminal, 1.5 mm² / AWG 16, 0.25 N.m
Battery life 8 year(s)
Communication port protocol CANopen
Connector type 9-way male SUB-D connector
Method of access Master
Number of addresses 1…32
Communication service Emergency, boot-up, sync
DS 301 V4.02
DSP 405
2 client SDOs per slave
10 receive and transmit PDOs in total for each slave
Display type 1 LED for ERROR (fault)
1 LED for RUN (status)
Net weight 0.32 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months