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XGHB320246 picture- Schneider-electric
RFID electronic tag - 13.56 MHz - disc Ø 30 x 3 - 2000 Bytes
Range of product OsiSense XG
Product or component type Electronic tag
RFID electronic tag name XGHB
RFID frequency 13.56 MHz
Design Disc
Memory capacity 2 kB
Associated smart antenna XGCS
[Sn] nominal sensing distance 42 mm with XGCS49 + field expander XGFEC540
48 mm with XGCS49
65 mm with XGCS89
80 mm with XGCS49 + field expander XGFEC2525
65 mm with XGCS85
Outer dimension Ø 30 x 3 mm
Quantity per set Set of 5
Read time 7 + 2 x (number of 16-bit words) ms
Write time 7 + 2.4 x (number of 16-bit words) ms
IP degree of protection IP68
Fixing mode By screws
Memory type FeRAM
Memory operation Read/write
Number of read cycles 10000000000
Number of write cycles 10000000000 at -25…70 °C
Maximum linear speed with "auto read/write function" 2.1 m/s with XGCS49 (read a serial number)
1.5 m/s with XGCS49 (read a word)
0.6 m/s with XGCS49 (read or write 10 words)
3.5 m/s with XGCS89 (read a serial number)
2.5 m/s with XGCS89 (read a word)
1 m/s with XGCS89 (read or write 10 words)
3.5 m/s with XGCS85 (read a serial number)
2.5 m/s with XGCS85 (read a word)
1 m/s with XGCS85 (read or write 10 words)
Data retention time 10 year(s)
Material PPA (polyphthalamide)
Net weight 0.005 kg
Standards ISO 15693
Ambient air temperature for operation -25…70 °C
Ambient air temperature for storage -40…85 °C
Vibration resistance 2 mm conforming to EN 60068-2-6 (f = 5…29.5 Hz)
7 gn conforming to EN 60068-2-6 (f = 29.5…150 Hz)
Shock resistance 30 gn conforming to EN 60068-2-27 for 11 ms
IK degree of protection IK02 conforming to EN 50102
Offer Sustainability
EU RoHS Directive Not applicable, out of EU RoHS legal scope
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months