29370 picture- Schneider-electric
Removable lock - for circuit breaker and switch
Merlin Gerin
Range compatibility Compact NS100
Compact NR100
Compact NR160
Compact NR250
Compact NR400
Compact NR630
Compact NS400
Compact NS630
Compact NSX100
Compact NSX250
Compact NSX400
Compact NSX630
Compact NSE75
Compact NSE100
Compact NSX500
TeSys GV4
TeSys BV4
PowerPact B
Compact NSXm
Easypact CVS100
Easypact CVS160
Easypact CVS250
Compact NB400
Compact NB600
Compact NG160
Compact NS80
Compact NSC100
Compact NSF150
Compact NSF250
Compact NSJ400
Compact NSJ600
Product or component type Padlocking device
Device short name Locking for 1 to 3 padlocks
Accessory / separate part type Keylock accessories
Mounting mode Removable
Keylock destination Toggle
Number of locks 3
Key locking position In front
Locking options description Lock OFF only
1 to 3 padlocks
Contractual warranty
Warranty period 18 months