VW3A3E304 picture- Schneider-electric
Interbus communication card
Product or component type Communication card
Range compatibility Altivar 71 Plus
Altivar 61 Plus
Communication port protocol Interbus
Connector type 9-way female SUB-D connector
9-way male SUB-D connector
Communication service Communication monitoring
I/O data
Abort communication relationship
Communication and drive status
Identification of the card
Initialize communication relationship
Profile 21
Read object description
Read parameter
Write parameter
Supply By drive but necessary to use an external supply if the inverter is not powered
Display type 1 LED for BA (periodic data)
1 LED for RC (bus input)
1 LED for Rd (bus output)
1 LED for TR (messaging)
1 LED for U (power supply)
Graphic display terminal for control word received
Graphic display terminal for reference received
Net weight 0.3 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months