VW3A3E307 picture- Schneider-electric
Profibus DP communication card - 1.5 Mbps
Product or component type Communication card
Range compatibility Altivar 71 Plus
Altivar 61 Plus
Communication port protocol Profibus DP
Connector type 9-way female SUB-D connector
Transmission rate 500 kbps
12 Mbps
1.5 Mbps
93.75 kbps
187.5 kbps
3 Mbps
9600 bps
19.2 kbps
6 Mbps
Number of addresses 1…126
Communication service CiA 402 profile
I/O profile
I/O data
Communication monitoring can be inhibited, adjustable
PPO type 5
Display type 1 LED for DX (data exchange)
1 LED for ST (status)
Graphic display terminal for control word received
Graphic display terminal for I/O data
Graphic display terminal for reference received
Net weight 0.3 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months